Tape Tabs

Alinea Hair Double sided Tape Tabs are easy to install and easy to clean up. It is acrylic-based, very flexible and reliable. Because of its flexibility, it is very comfortable to wear. It is one of the dullest tapes in the industry so you don’t have to worry about the shine. The liner is green but the actual tape is clear. This strong hold tape will last 8-12 weeks with proper care.

Tape Release

Alinea Hair Release works great on Tape and Liquid Adhesives.  Non-oily and fast acting, alcohol based so it doesn’t leave residues. It won’t denigrate and melt your adhesives into a mess. It will leave it intact so you can peel them off in one piece.

Holder Stand

The Alinea Hair Acrylic Display was developed to support the stylists to prepare, organize and pick-up the hair during the application process. It has an unique hair extension holder to ensure the bonds are organized, making the installation faster and easier.

Micro-lock Beads

Alinea Hair micro-locks are fabricated with copper metal, allowing you to install them flatter to the head for maximum comfort to the client. Copper micro locks are softer and easy to clamp shut.

Keratin Rebonds

Alinea Hair keratin re-bonds are made with the same keratin that our original bonds are made of in order to keep the same perfect result from the first application. They are made with 100% keratin and can easily be fused to hair with the use of a proper hot tool for a smooth finish look.