At Home Care Instructions

To preserve the beauty and integrity of your new Alinea Hair Extensions, diligent care and maintenance are essential. Without proper attention, you may not achieve the desired longevity for your hair. Always adhere to these guidelines to safeguard and maximize your investment.
Brushing your hair is a crucial aspect of maintenance, and it’s recommended to do so at least twice daily. Opt for a boar bristle brush for optimal results. Begin brushing from the ends, securing the top of the hair with your other hand to prevent tension that could pull on the roots or the base where the extensions are installed.

Take a systematic approach by sectioning your hair and ensuring there is no matting between sections or at the base of the extensions. Pay extra attention to potential trouble spots, including between rows, where both your natural hair and the extension hair need careful brushing and maintenance. Also, focus on the base of the neck, an area prone to matting due to friction from shirts and coats, as well as sweat accumulation that can cause hair to mat as it dries.
A crucial tip is to always brush your hair before it gets wet, as wet hair is more prone to tangling, and pre-brushing helps prevent unnecessary strain during the detangling process.
When swimming, it’s essential to take precautions to protect your hair and extensions. Always secure your hair in a braid or multiple braids before swimming—avoid messy buns, especially when your hair is wet, as they can promote breakage and matting. Wet hair is more fragile, so taking preventive measures is crucial.
Before entering the water, dampen your hair with purified water or use a leave-in conditioner recommended by Alinea Hair. This helps create a barrier, preventing your hair from absorbing chemicals or salt from the water, which can alter the color of both your natural hair and extensions. Be cautious with sunscreens containing Avobenzone/Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, as they can also affect the color of your extensions. Check your sunscreen products for these ingredients before use.

Additionally, keep in mind that even when using lotions, your hair can come into contact with your back and arms, transferring the lotion to your hair. This transfer may introduce chemicals from the lotion to your hair, so it’s advisable to be mindful of the products you use.


Proper washing is crucial for maintaining the longevity and health of your Alinea Hair Extensions, follow these guidelines:
  • Wait 48 Hours - After installing Alinea Hair Extensions, wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair. This allows the extensions to set securely.
  • Frequency - Wash your hair no more than three times a week and no less than once a week. Twice a week is recommended.
  • Pre-Wash Brushing - Before getting your hair wet, brush it following the provided guidelines to prevent tangling.
  • Shampoo Technique - Use sulfate-free, paraben-free, and protein-free shampoo. Start by shampooing at the roots, gently massaging your fingers back and forth (not circular) between your extensions to remove oils, residue, and product buildup.
  • Sectioning - Depending on hair thickness, split it into top and bottom sections to ensure thorough cleaning. Shampoo at the roots, rinse, and repeat this process a second time.
  • Conditioning - Use Alinea Hair recommended conditioner on the mid lengths and ends only. Never condition the roots or near extension install points.
  • Additional Treatment - For extra moisture, use an Alinea Hair recommended hair mask on the mid lengths and ends 2-3 times a month at most (1-2 times a month recommended).
  • Drying - Always dry your hair 100% after washing to prevent knotting and matting. Do not let your hair air dry.
By adhering to these washing guidelines, you can ensure the proper care and maintenance of your Alinea Hair Extensions, promoting their longevity and keeping your hair in optimal condition.


  • Always ensure your hair is 100% dry after washing, avoiding air-drying to prevent knotting or matting.
  • Section your hair and use your hands to gently move the roots while drying.
  • Point the dryer down the hair shaft to avoid roughing up the cuticle.
  • Once roots are 40%-60% dry, use a boar bristle brush for smooth results.
  • Dry your hair in sections, ensuring each section is completely dry before moving to the next.
  • Exercise caution around the top of extensions to avoid rough handling or excessive heat.
  • Alinea Hair extensions, being 100% Remy Human hair, can be styled like natural hair.
  • Use Alinea Hair recommended heat protectant on mid lengths and ends to prevent potential heat damage.
  • To prevent irreparable damage, never use more than 350-degree heat setting on hot tools.
  • Direct the dryer down the hair shaft to protect the cuticle, avoiding high heat near bonds or install points.
  • Do not use a flat iron or hot iron directly on tapes, bonds, beads, or install points. Start styling below these points.
  • Avoid products with high alcohol content on bonds or install points, as they can break down bonds and dry out the hair.
  • Separate carefully when using products with alcohol on natural hair, as extensions lack the oil-producing sebaceous glands that aid recovery.
  • Use Alinea Hair recommended products for shampoo, conditioner, styling, finishing, and refreshers to maintain optimal extension health.
  • Always secure your hair in a braid, two braids, ponytail, or smooth bun before any physical activity, including swimming, gym workouts, beach outings, biking, hiking, and even driving with windows down.
  • Wearing a hat can provide additional protection, especially when combined with a braid, ponytail, or other secure styles.
  • If your hair will be exposed to water, follow swimming guidelines such as wetting your hair with filtered water or leave-in conditioner beforehand.
  • Wash your hair immediately after activities to remove residue, chemicals, sweat, and buildup, following the washing guidelines.
  • Dry your hair after any activity where you’ve sweated or your hair has gotten wet to prevent the breakdown of bonds. Avoid air-drying, especially in the root area, to prevent matting or knotting.
  • Never sleep with wet hair. Brush your hair every night before bed following the brushing guidelines.
  • Tie your hair back in a loose braid, two braids, or a secure smooth bun (not a messy bun).
  • Consider braiding techniques that provide a natural, salon-style blowout and big curls in the morning. Check out tutorials on Instagram.
Hair is a natural fiber susceptible to damage based on care and maintenance. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to maintain the hair properly after installation.
Once installed according to manufacturer directions, the quality of the hair is no longer the responsibility of the manufacturer or stylist.a