Alinea Hair's story began in Brazil with a stylist's pursuit of something greater, inspiring founder Eva Chen to completely shift her career path. Leveraging her experience in the fashion industry, Eva noticed a market gap for innovative brands that addressed the unique needs and aspirations of stylists.

Motivated by the dynamic artistry within salon professional, Eva identified an opportunity to highlight stylists' creativity in the hair extensions market. Alinea Hair emerged as a symbol of innovation, providing stylists with a platform to express their artistic vision. Today, Alinea Hair continues to reflect Eva's vision, empowering stylists around the world to push the boundaries of possibility and elevate their craft with unmatched creativity and quality.

the alinea difference


    Our vision drives us to create hair extensions that serve as a canvas for salon professionals, enabling them to express creativity with innovative techniques and diverse colors, setting new standards of excellence.


    Our admiration for stylists' creativity fuels our dedication. Inspired by their passion, we create tools to elevate their artistry. With innovative techniques and hand-mixed colors, we help transform visions into masterpieces.

  • renewal

    We strive to improve our planet in every aspect of our operations. Our plant recycles waste water, reducing our footprint. Partnering with groups to repurpose donated hair for cleanup and cancer kids, we aim to leave a lasting, positive impact.


We consistently use the finest virgin human hair to create our extensions, guaranteeing 100% remy quality. Through a double
drawn process, each extension features a thicker and more uniform texture, providing 30% more volume at the bottom for enhanced fullness. Our extensions require no cutting during application, preserving their integrity and reducing waste.

In our Mixed Color process, we meticulously blend 5-7 colors of hair to achieve a natural result. This distinctive method differentiates
us in the market, ensuring that our hair extensions move with a seamless flow.



We believe in changing lives, by empowering individuals and communities through sustainable and ethical practices.

Our ethical sourcing practices prioritize respect for local communities. All hair is ethically sourced, with a focus on maintaining the integrity of the hair and supporting
individuals through fair compensation.

Partnering with organizations like Matter of Trust and Wigs for Kids, we repurpose hair donations to support environmental cleanup efforts and provide wigs for children battling cancer. Additionally, our factory implements rigorous water recycling measures, ensuring that water used during chemical processing is treated and reused.