At Home Care Instructions

In order to maintain your Alinea Hair Extensions properly and keep your new hair looking as beautiful as the day they were installed we strongly suggest and encourage the following at home care instructions. 

BRUSHING | It is recommended that you brush your hair no less than twice daily. Using a boar bristle brush, start at the ends and use your other hand to hold the top of the hair securely while you brush to prevent tension from pulling on the root and/or base where the extensions are installed. Section your hair and brush each section making sure that there is no matting between sections or at the base of the extensions specifically. Problem areas to give extra attention to include between rows, always making sure your natural hair and the extensions hair are both brushed and maintained, and the base of the neck where shirts and coats can tend to rub causing matting for your natural hair as well as the extensions and where sweat can build up and cause the hair to matte as it dries again. ALWAYS brush your hair out before getting it wet. 

SWIMMING | Always tie your hair back in a braid or multiple braids to secure your hair before swimming. We do NOT recommend a messy bun ever but especially when swimming or getting your hair wet. Your hair is fragile, more so when wet, and messy buns promote breakage and matting. Get your hair damp with purified water or a Alinea Hair suggested leave-in conditioner before swimming to deter the hair from soaking up chemicals or salt in the water. Hair Extensions color can become tainted and change depending on what is in the water or products you use. DO NOT use sunscreens with Avobenzone/Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane in it as it can change the color of your extensions as well. Check your spray or lotion sunscreen before using. TIP: Remember even with lotions your hair touches your back and arms and will transfer the lotion to your hair and any chemicals in the lotion are now on your hair.     

WASHING | Wait at least 48 hours after your Alinea Hair Extensions install to wash your hair. Wash no more than 3 times a week and no less than once a week. Twice a week is recommended. Brush your hair out by following the BRUSHING guidelines before getting your hair wet. Using sulfate-free, paraben-free, and protein-free shampoo, first shampoo at the roots.  Gently massage your fingers in a back-and-forth motion (NOT circular motion) between your extensions to clean the hair of any oils, residue, environmental buildup or product buildup fully. Depending on how thick your hair is, it is recommended that you split the hair into top and bottom sections and wash in sections to ensure you are getting your hair clean. You will shampoo at the roots and rinse and repeat this process a second time. You do not need to shampoo the mid lengths and ends of your hair but if you choose to then it is only recommended that you lightly pull the shampoo through the mid lengths on the second shampoo only, lightly, without massaging and then rinse. Condition with Alinea Hair recommended conditioner on the mid lengths and ends ONLY. Do NOT condition the roots or near any extensions install points EVER. For extra moisture treatment you can use an Alinea Hair recommended hair mask on the mid lengths and ends ONLY 2-3x’s a month at most. 1-2 times a month is recommended. Always dry your hair 100% after washing (or any time it is wet) to avoid knotting and matting. Do NOT let your hair air dry. 

DRYING | Always 100% dry your hair any time it is wet. Do NOT air dry your hair. Your hair extensions are 100% Remy Human hair and can and will knot or matte if not properly taken care of. Section your hair and use your hands to lightly move the roots as you dry. Point your dryer down the shaft of the hair so as to not rough up the cuticle of the hair. Once your roots are 40%-60% dry, use your boar bristle brush as you dry to allow for smooth end results. Again, be sure to dry your hair in sections and make sure that each section is 100% dry before moving to the next section. Be careful around the top of the extensions as to not be too rough or have the heat set too high.   

STYLING | Your extensions are 100% Remy Human hair and can be styled just like your natural hair but there are some Alinea Hair recommendations to keep your hair looking its best. It is always recommended that you use an Alinea Hair recommended heat protectant applied to your mid lengths and ends to protect your extensions and your natural hair from any potential heat damage that could occur. Keep the dryer pointed down the shaft of the hair as to not rough up the cuticle and make sure not to get too high of heat close to the bonds or the install point. Do NOT put a flat iron or hot iron directly on the tape, bonds, beads, or install point of any of our extensions. Always start below the bond/install point. Do NOT use any products containing high levels of alcohol such as dry shampoo, mousses, sprays, gels, and other products on the bonds or install points of the extensions. These products can break down the bonds and also dry the hair out. You may use them on your natural hair as long as you separate sections carefully and keep them away from the bonds of your extensions. Natural hair can recover as it is rooted into a follicle with oil producing sebaceous glands. Hair extensions do not have this ability. All products used from your shampoo & conditioner, styling products, finishing products, and refresher products should be from the Alinea Hair recommended list.

WORKING OUT | Always secure your hair back into a braid, two braids, ponytail, or smooth bun before any activity or workout including but not limited to swimming, working out at the gym, going to the beach, biking, hiking, and even driving with your windows down!! Wearing a hat can help as well in addition to a braid, pony or other secure style. If your hair will be getting wet please remember to use the swimming guidelines such as to wet your hair with filtered water or leave-in conditioner to fill your hair beforehand. It is recommended that you wash your hair using the washing guidelines immediately after to remove all residue, chemicals, sweat, and buildup. You must dry your hair, whether you wash it fully or not, after any activities where you have sweat or your hair has gotten wet. Sweat has the ability to break down bonds in the hair. Do not let your hair air dry especially in the root area to prevent matting or knotting. 

SLEEPING | Do NOT EVER sleep with your hair wet. Brush your hair following the brushing guidelines every night before bed. Always make sure that you tie your hair back in a loose braid, two braids or a secure smooth bun (not messy bun). Tip : There are ways to braid your hair that will give you a natural, salon style blowout and big curls in the morning. See our tutorial on Instagram.

Please remember, hair is a natural fiber and susceptible to damage based on the care and maintenance it is provided. It is the sole responsibility of the customer that has purchased the hair to maintain it properly after the installation. Once the hair is installed according to manufacturer direction, the quality of the hair is no longer the responsibility of the manufacturer or stylist.

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